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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 6, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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the annual run walk fall event happening this week and strive to create safe learning environments for children in our committee. will tell you how you can get involved coming up. bringing hawaii to las vegas. you can enjoy the culture of the pacific islanders this week and without having to leave town. were not giving her treat trip to wife but hawaii is coming to you will go to fill you in on the oldest hawaiian festival >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us. nevada national guard members here at home and overseas taking time today to remember those were killed at that ihop and carson city. hard to believe it's been five years. >> five years ago today when a gunman opened fire killing four people including three guardsmen. news 3's kyndell nunley is
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>> reporter: 7700 miles away that was command sergeant major james richardson who stationed in kuwait we got a chance to speak with him via skype.he told me all about the special memorial run held today in honor of those who were killed and wounded in the shooting. these are the images from this morning. once again if you counted 7700 miles away where the las vegas-based held the memorial run just like the one held this morning at the shooting and carson city. allowed members from all branches of the our nation's military to come together in remembrance of lieutenant colonel keith kelly master sergeant kristin ricky and
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county. >> command sergeant major richardson after deployed from here las vegas with master sergeant ricky they were two afghanistan under 33 old gunmen responsible for his death had previous been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after killed himself following the attack. we have something really important to talk about today unfortunately this is a problem. pulling and create a safe learning environment in our community. talk about our bowling and community it happens everywhere but also upcoming run walk roll marathon which is to bring awareness to this. we have trish lovett chuck buchanan ricarda nuno i want to get to the event in a moment
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>> laguna. that's what i said. sorry if i said it wrong. ricardo. let's talk about this because unfortunately we have seen in our community for kids of actually taking their lives in the lettuce may possibly have been 13-year-old maria kruger who jumped from the top of a parking structure here on the west of townth and they believe that bullying may have played a factor in that. if the trio girl bullying is a real problem and it's happening every day and now with social media and the internet it is almost impossible to stay on top of it seems like. >> yes it is. i mean we get so many calls regarding this issue. and so the parents really have to be proactive to see the behaviors of what they see is going on because usually or a
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parents. but collectively as our community we have to be warned. we have to do more. more than 60,000 new students stay home from school each day because they are bullied at school. that's why you guys are doing this. it's such an important cause. tell me about pets. >> is we celebrate her 20th year with service agent zero growth to 26. we cover all the disabilities. we don't just do all disabilities. were nonprofit. everyone that works has to have a disability themselves. or they have to have an arms length relationship to a family member with a disability.
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how's it going to go. we said we need a grand marshal. so we said ricardo. >> we really appreciate you for that. this is such an important cause. tell people about the event. >> six annual run walk roll 22 schools involved. sitting in a motive is behind the whole thing. which is really tremendous to have them on what can you do about bullying? so many times it's just kids need to know they're not alone. kids need to know that people like ricardo people like me, people like trish about a pep and they'll be kids from 22 schools there. you know that there's somebody who's got your back. >> sort saturday, september 24. i want to get the information out there.
12:36 pm for more information. >> changed my life. something even at 35 years old i still think back to it. still affected the way things >> important conversation we don't want it to and i have to wrap this up unfortunately were out of time. go to our website trent wanted to get more information on the event. >> is going to be there starting everything off. i appreciate you guys being here today. coming up a single mom steps that she took for son out of school involved to bring on a fake mustache so why did she do this.
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plus, set your calendars for the pacific islanders festival. cue the music were going hawaii. we can tell you what you can expect with the food the entertainment the dancing and more. that's coming up on news 3 live at noon beautiful sunny skies out there but what i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four yeaears ago i was diagnosd with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. i hope the women of nevada remember that when it's time to vote. twenty five thousand jobs. remember that when it's time to vote. that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk...
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and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content...
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it our scars are beautiful and blue right now. new take a look at broader view of the southwest quiet conditions are at home starting to see showers storms firing up parts of new mexico a little bit into southeastern arizona as well take this a little further south there is hurricane neutered right now i category one storm sustained winds at 75 miles an hour made landfall in cabo san lucas
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to the northeast biggest impact will going to see here at least in the united states is good to be around tucson area already a flash flood watches issued in the area. storm will continue to track its way to the east. we going to see you at home? not much. not much different than what we're seeing right now. maybe if you -clouds from this not going to see much of the way of wind impact were not going to expect any precipitation of the storm. biggest impactr into arizona new mexico tomorrow. here's what were seeing again lake mead marina camera beautiful conditions out there beautiful skies mainly night winds out there as well temperatures right now across the region pahrump coming in at 88 lake mead it's 90 from coming in at 92 las vegas valley green valley reporting 91. summerlin centennial applicant eight degrees at this hour.
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highest top out in the mid-90s here las vegas. alamo today topping out around 88 from 96 laughlin expected triple digit today right at 100 degree mark. overnight lows tonight a little bit cooler again. boulder city 71 for the low pahrump 56 per your overnight low. he has a look at the seven day forecast a few-clouds tomorrow as a remnants of the hurricane pastor south and east. but no ec back into the triple digits and 101 on saturday for the plight of las vegas but looks like it's going to be a brief stint back into the triple digits as temperatures expected fall again on monday. new time for trending now. what is about texas mom going viral she dressed up like a man. to go to your sons donuts with dad event at school. >> yvette vasquez who is a single mother did not want her
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she dressed up his dad. she put on a plaid shirt fake mustache cologne and a wallet chain hanging down she did all of this so she could fit in with the other dads. her son knew that it was pretty obvious that she was mom but he loved the idea he was very thankful for what she did. she says she was a bit nervous walking into school but other parents, limited her efforts and teachers cheered for her. now she wants to dress up again his dad when her two younger a that very same event. way to go mom. >> great example for other single moms out there too. juggling a lot without a father figure there. she stepped up and show them how it's done.>> that's awesome. beyonci postponed this week's formation world tour jersey metlife stadium. >> the single set to perform tomorrow night but strict doctor's orders called for her vocals to rest. that delayed the show a month to october 7. if you know
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>> and loyal. i'm sure that they'll be willing to wait even though they're not happy about it. the going to get their september 7 ticket on the due date. bill get that new day. no charges. any other beyonci tour dates and performances. make that changes no changes so far the superstar celebrate her 35th birthday sunday making appearance at the main in america festival on annual other than her husband daisy. >> the morning after labor day you know what that means. summer is about over and were all seeing more traffic going to work now. back and forth more people back on the road. >> you may be using a gps baby to get around town but are you taking the fastest route or spending too much time caught in gridlock.
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nightmare. bumper-to-bumper. with no relief for miles but can you gps or smart phone really get you out of this? okay were setting up a little driving challenge of our own to see if those apps will save us time on our morning commute. right now were on long island driving at her embassy headquarters at 30 rock new york city.produces lindsay and josh johnson is going to be using the regular in car gps. lindsay is apple maps icon on your iphone and i am going to be using the ways app the local that's like that you open it up you see who gets there first. everyone get your car. right away ways diverging onto the service roads. it's designed to sense live traffic is automatically route me around it. look at this i'm flying by all this traffic. look at the highway traffic.
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but josh's car gps just programmed for the shortest route steers him straight onto the highway. we are calling it right now. i still have 39 miles to go on the highway. over lindsay's car, she programs apple maps for shortest time. but for some reason it takes her onto the congested highway two. it's like a parking lot out here. not for me. it's smooth sailing with ways. onto another highway. josh he's not moving much at all. but take a look at lindsay now. suddenly apple maps is guiding on to clear roads. and apple maps is on a roll. smooth sailing through the tunnel. lindsay back in the game. meanwhile waves to give me
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miles away from lindsay's tunnel. i had been stuck in traffic and on the trip a lot of twists and turns but i've always kept moving. which feels better. sitting in traffic is worse. now it's a race to the finish line. just a few more blocks to go. my destination is in range. there is almost there. who's it going to be? okay just got here. at the embassy studios and take a look. no sign of josh or lindsay on the first one here.ways wins. and now i wait and wait. until here comes lindsay. nine minutes after us. i bet she think she one. you finally made it to you by nine minute. >> ways beat apple maps by nine minutes. >> but where is josh? he's only pushing nearly 20 minutes past me.
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necessarily the fastest. he finally decided to make it. he is here 30 minutes on the nose past me. a full half-hour. a full half-hour late. [laughter] really pays off. that's a lot of time in the morning when you could be at work you could be getting coffee a lot of things. sleeping. perfect. nice job guys. good job. okay just a little to. no matter what app or gps use going to settings make sure it's on shortest time instead of shortest distance. that will make a difference. happy to say that the wave app is worth downloading. there is a proof right there. you can follow us on facebook if you'd like to talk to us have anything to say but we see today just reach out to us with facebook and we also have twitter and now were going to hawaii.
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takes place this weekend to feature authentic food entertainment activities in here to tell us more about that along with special performance we've got to wind up burnett with las vegas hawaiian civic club. thank you for coming in. thank you. >> a loja. >> this is jonathan. >> if you can festival. what people can expect pickets this is our 26th annual it's at the henderson convention center encompass the whole center saturday the 10th it's from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we have two stages the amphitheater mobile stage xiii full trucks or vendors 27 craft booths. we have health and fitness area this year we also have kids
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like that. we have cultural demonstrations. a number of things going on live entertainment. jonathan's entertainment director. so he knows everything about the entertainment. >> in addition we have the drummers coming in. polynesian rhythm >> is a big population here. in las vegas. lotta people from hawaii and the pacific islands. long ago they moved here. others family and generations that have been here. >> personally i have been here for 23 years i'm rejoining the community. >> do you miss the big island at all? >> i do.
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and the smell and all the flowers and everything like that. >> and the culture. >> in the culture. >> the short drive to lake mead. >> sure enough drive to los angeles to get to the beach there. it's not the same as hawaii. >> i don't waste anymore time let's hear your performance. >> thank you very much. >> take it away. >> were doing a song you called
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>> great job. great job. >> thank you so much. that was a beautiful song. i close my eyes and i thought i was in a hammock on the beach in waikiki. >> i loved the dancing good job. >> we have a lot more to come on news 3 live coming up
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annual round up this weekend. tell you where you can take advantage of great food entertainment while helping challenged youth here in southern nevada. the showstoppers aren't stopping anytime soon. a few of the cast numbers will be here in the studio to show us how to bring down the house with their annual one-of-a-kind musical numbers.
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with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? call today. we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx. tomorrow more sunshine out there temperature staying below normal 95 degrees normal 98 back in the triple digits by the end of the week. just in time for bite of las
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but it's going to be great. go figure is look at or working on is windfall a bunch of winter that means flu season coming the bad news for people who want to get vaccinated but have a fear of needles. >> second transfer animals left behind for the massive floods that devastated louisiana. while the stores and more coming up on news 3 live at three. >> the first image look like your dog.>> oh my gosh. look at we finally know now it took about a month to figure it out but the twin baby pandas born into being a zoo are brother and sister. >> aren't they adorable?
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>> john: so that's what i've been working on. now, i got to get running. >> victor: thank you for everything, john. >> john: yeah, um. got a second? [ominous music] ? ? theresa and brady's wedding is tomorrow. i expect you will find time >> victor: tried that the last time u asked me. wasn't interested. >> john: try harder. ? ? >> brady: frank, i appreciate it. i owe you one. >> theresa: your friend, he can do something?


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